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Concealer tips – The way to cover under eye circles

Have you got dark weathered circles that make you look tired and make your eyes seem sunk in? Even though the root of under-eye circles could be hereditary, hereditary, and hormonal or simply from being tired, it is definitely something that we would like to hide. Follow these simple tips to fix this problem easily:

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  1. Moisturize your eye area with an eye lotion to keep skin hydrated and moist and retain the concealer from ‘caking’ on the skin, which will occur if the skin is dry.
  2. Apply a concealer into the darkened areas following these basic rules: if the circles under your eyes are extremely purple, use a concealer which has a yellowish tone. If the circles are blue, then use a more orange concealer. If your circles are red, get an olive toned concealer and if they are brown, get one with a more earthy or mauve color. Some women prefer to use the concealer with a small makeup brush and others simply use their fingers. Either one works fine. Remember if you are using your fingers to use your ring finger as it is the least powerful of the fingers and would not put too much strain on this delicate area.
  3. Get a nice translucent powder and use it to the eye area with a brush or tap it with a makeup sponge. The powder will place the best over the counter concealer in place and keep it from smearing and creasing.
  4. Now you are ready to apply your regular concealer: the one which matches the rest of your usual skin shade.

A little trick is to employ the Cosmetic corrective concealer after you apply your face base, since the foundation will partly hide the dark circles and you may this way have to use less amount of corrective concealer on the eye region. Another quick tip, if the concealer feels too thick of cakey following its application, would be to blend into it one or two drops of your favorite eye cream to smooth out its consistency. Put these simple steps in practice and say good bye to unsightly under eye circles forever.